My Blue Plaque tour

1.”This is where I became Spiderman”
Location- A lamppost on the University of Chichester campus

This is the starting point of my tour. One night surrounded by friends I was able to achieve a childhood dream of becoming Spiderman by climbing to the top of a lamppost, unfortunately for me I am not Spiderman.  
2. “Our step”
Location- A courtyard on the University of Chichester campus
This step has been a social meeting point since I joined the university and has begun many of my friendships through being a smoker.
3.”This is where I first kissed Phil Cole. 2010”
Location- Oakland’s way (long stay car park)
This was the location of my first kiss with one of my very good friends Phil Cole. In the midst of a funfair our friendship began through this act.
4.”My first Sunday lunch “
Location- The George and Dragon Inn and Pub
My first week of University some friends and me went for our first Sunday lunch together away from home, a bonding session to say the least.
5.”I came to the realisation I was not getting cigarettes”
Location- Chichester Town centre clock
On one very dark night a friend and me ventured into town to find an open shop to buy cigarettes, as my Blue Plaque show we was not so lucky with this quest.
6.”The birth and death bed of Awkward Abbey.2010”
Location- Chichester Cathedral
I spent a whole night and day in a cardboard mansion with 20 others for a homeless charity, there was leakage.
7.”Best rehearsal ever took place here”
Location- Real Burger Kitchen
One of our more obscure rehearsals lead four girls and a mermaid costume to this restaurant.
8.”Walking with my mate Jack D”
Location- Southstreet
I have walked this road many times under the intoxication of my friend Jack Daniels.
9.”Numb Bum”
Location- The Vestry
Outside of this pub I sat for what seemed like forever with a friend of mine talking about anything and everything.
10.”Hello and Goodbye”
Location- Chichester train station
This place holds many memories for me as it is the meeting point for friends and relatives that vist Chichester but also where I have to say goodbye.
11.”Six is one to many”
Location- Stockbridge road
Here is where few friends and I learnt the hard way about the importance of road safety.
12.”Bros before ho’s”
Location- Caledonian road
My friend’s house is on this road and it is where we (my friends and I) hold our lads night free from partners to hang out together.
13.”Money isn’t an object… until it’s gone”
Location- New Look, East Street
A particular place where is seems my student loan disappears too on a regular basis.
14.”I sat in the rain for you”
Location- Memorial gardens
I came to this place to clear my head when I felt times have gotten too stressful for me.
15.”Six and counting”
Location- St Richards hospital
I have visited here on six occasions since joining university, so it was only right for this to conclude my tour of “my Chichester”.

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