Site Specific Theatre

What is Site Specific theatre?
Site Specific theatre is the last step and the goal from the other two tasks (Site Generic, Site Responsive). Leading on from Site Responsive, Site specific theatre is where by a performance is taken out of the traditional conventions of a theatre and performed in the ‘real world’, the piece is completely reliant of the site that is chosen. Creating a piece of Site Specific work  uses the space as stimulus to begin with but throughout the process research into the space’s history, uses and perception are essential in order to create a performance specific to the space.  Patrice Pavis states that “A large part of the work has to do with researching a place” (Pavis, 1998, Pg337). An example of Site Specific work is Wilson and Wilson’s performance ‘Mulgrave’, this piece “was created for and inspired by Mulgrave Woods, their atmosphere, their topography, their past present and future. It was deeply rooted in its location at every level and involved 16 local performers alongside a professional acting company.”
As we can see from the quote above ‘Mulgrave ‘is a Site Specific performance centring around the Mulgrave Woods, due to the performance being inspired by the space that it is performed in and the process using research from the space as well, highlights the site specific nature of the work. As the piece cannot be moved to another location as it is dependant of the space’s influences for the piece to work concludes that it is a site Specific performance.
Mulgrave, Wilson and Wilson, 2005

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