Site Generic Theatre

What is Site Generic theatre?
Site generic theatre is creating performances that can take place in many different sites; a site is any position, location or place. This does not mean that anything done outside of a theatre space equals a site generic performance, you must give consideration to the fact you are not necessarily performing to a permanent/committed audience. As well as this you are also without the conventional ‘stage’ therefore you have a lack of illusion and stage elements you would find within a theatre space .Mike Pearson summarises this stating “Staging and performance conceived on the basis of a place in the real world (ergo, outside the established theatre).” (Site-Specific Performance, Mike Pearson,2010, pg7). An example of site generic theatre is Bootworks’ The black box, this piece is a “unique and innovative theatre installation which explores – in practise and theory – vocabularies of form, composition, narrative and montage in film." 
Bootworks use a unique inside-out portable theatre for an audience of one,(as seen below) due to the capacity to move around this piece is a site generic performance as it can take place in many different sites and still retain its performance style and register without being jeopardise by its surroundings.
Bootworks Theatre Company, The Black Box

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