Site Responsive; little people in a big city

I decided to undertake this task for two reasons, firstly I had done some research on Slinkachu and found the work exceptionally imaginative and playful, something I would aspire to in terms of creating a piece of site responsive using miniature models. (Slinkachu picture right) The second reason I wanted to take on this task was an idea of a surveillance society, being watch and detected every where we go from the CCTV cameras to "keep us safe" to the Internet pages we click on, all is being watched. I had been looking for a way to somehow express this idea of surveillance society to access what it is like to wonder around Chichester knowing about "them" watching you, the little people task is the perfect opportunity to do so as although some people may not see the models and they will go unnoticed, someone will eventually see them and at that point my task will be complete. In order to move forward with my idea I decided to use a blue army man in order to represent the watchful eye of society.
I first begun my task at my laptop in the library on the University of Chicheter campus as I wanted to work from the obscure and small places where we are being watched until we enhance the size of the site until in encases the whole of the University campus (where this task will be based). I decided to only use the University campus rather than the whole of Chichester because I felt that University is a great beacon for all young people to aspire to, to carry on their education and break free from the family home to spread their wings and live independently.I therefore found a irony in my stimulus for this task as even when we believe we are not being watched there is always something in which be are being monitored from.
From this task I felt that I learned how to appreciate a site from different perspectives especially now from a very small perspective. I feel that this has then allowed me to view an overall site with some difference, by being able to look at a site as a whole vast space to looking at the details of the space, the very small parts which make it's mass up. I feel that because of my strong sense of direction when starting this piece of work although I believe I have achieved my aim, I had narrowed what outcome I could get from the task, therefore not having the opportunity for my thoughts and perceptions of the task to change.

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