Chichester Time Line

43 The Romans invade Britain
44 The Romans build a fort on the site of Chichester. The army soon move on the local Celtic king (a puppet ruler under the Romans) establishes a town on the site.
c. 80 An amphitheatre is built by the town
407 The Roman army leaves Britain. Afterwards Roman civilisation breaks down and towns are abandoned.
c. 500 The Saxons conquer the area and a Saxon called Cissa takes over what is left of Chichester
c. 885 Alfred the Great revives the old town
894 Men from Chichester and the surrounding area defeat the Danes.
c. 950 Chichester is a flourishing market town with a mint
1075 The bishop moves from Selsey to Chichester.
1086 Chichester has a population of around 1,500. The Normans build a castle at Chichester.
1091 Work begins on Chichester Cathedral
1108 Chichester Cathedral is consecrated. The Sloe fair, held each October by a sloe tree begins.
1114 Chichester Cathedral is badly damaged by fire
1187 The cathedral is again damaged by fire
1230 Franciscan friars (called grey friars) arrive in Chichester
1250 Chichester has a population of around 2,500
1353 Chichester is made a staple port (one of the ports from which wool is exported)
c. 1410 A campanile (separate bell tower) is built for the cathedral
1501 Bishop Storey erects the market cross
1538 Henry VIII closes the friaries in Chichester
1578 Streets in Chichester are paved for the first time
1588 Two Catholic priests are executed for treason at Chichester
1625 William Cawley builds almshouses
1642 During the Civil War Chichester is captured by parliamentary troops
1687 Thatched roofs are banned in Chichester because of the risk of fire
1712 Dodo House is built for Henry Peckham
1720 The population of Chichester is around 4,000
1726 Four clocks are added to the Market Cross
1731 The Council House is built in North Street
1764 Chichester gains its first theatre
1773 West, North and South gates in the town walls are demolished
1779 Chichester gains its first bank
1783 Eastgate is demolished
1791 Paving Commissioners are formed with powers to pave and clean the streets1808 The Butter market opens
1809 Land is sold in the south-eastern corner of the town for building.
1813 St Johns Church opens
1833 The Corn market is built
1846 The railway reaches Chichester
1850 A Teacher Training College opens
1871 A new cattle market opens
1875 Chichester gains a piped water supply
1900 Chichester has a population of about 9,000
1908 Chichester High School for boys opens
1909 Chichester gains electric streetlight
1910 The first cinema in Chichester opens
1937 A new police station is built at Kingsham. Chichester by-pass opens.
1946 Whyke Estate is built
1957 Chichester is twinned with Chartres
1962 Chichester Festival Theatre opens
1965 A new bus station is built. Bishop Luffa School opens
1967 A new library opens
1971 The population of Chichester is 21,000
1987 Westgate Leisure Centre opens
1989 A new record office opens
1990 Chichester Livestock Market closes
1993 A Tourist Information Centre opens

(Tulips in Jubilee Park, Chichester)

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