Due to us not being able to perform by the market cross we have decided to move our production to the university of Chichester campus. This being done our pieces focus still looks at the relationships within community and the communities’ relationship with the place they inhabit and its natural spaces.
The university has a history dating back to 1839, when a School for training 'Masters' was set up at what is now the Chichester campus, known as the Bishop Otter College. In 1873, the campus became a training institute for women teachers due to the activism of Louisa Hubbard after the Elementary Education Act 1870 created demand for school teachers. Men were later admitted to the college in the 1950s.A college at Bognor Regis was opened as an emergency teacher training institute immediately after the Second World War in 1946.During the 1970s Bishop Otter College was regarded as one of the most successful teacher training colleges in the country, During that period, the Principal of that establishment was Professor Gordon McGregor, who went on to be Principal of Ripon and York St John and latterly Emeritus Professor of Education at the University of Leeds. In 1977 Bishop Otter College and the Bognor Regis College were merged to form the West Sussex Institute of Higher Education (WSIHE), with degrees being awarded by CNAA and later the University of Southampton. Between 1995 and 1999, it was known as Chichester Institute of Higher Education. It gained degree-awarding powers in 1999, becoming known as University College Chichester, and became recognised as a full university in October 2005.Well-known alumni include the actor Jason Merrells and the bestselling biographer Paula Byrne.
Due to the university lifestyle, university life generates its own community of students, we will be looking at this for our piece as we want this community to connect with each other by sharing their memories of this place, using a tree in a courtyard on campus we will perform our piece as created but with much more of a drive towards students. What they feel about University? What sticks out for them? Using the people tree to do this with our trading system put in place we hope to create a piece of live art through our findings, creating something for the community of the university by the community of the university.

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