The People Tree

Taking inspiration from Steve Lamberts ‘I will talk to any one’, Keri Smiths ‘Wish Tree’, Guerrilla Gardening  and Chichester’s history we began to block what our final piece may look like.
Using Lamberts technique in performance persona in relation to the participant or observer in “I will talk to anyone” within our final performance we will set up a station in order for people to talk to us about their memories of Chichester, we have made a decision that we want to trade people’s memories for homemade cake (using homemade cake avoids using shop bought cake making the piece more personal). This will be keeping with the history of Chichester as a trading place but also adding a twist to it as we want to use these memories to place on a tree. The concept of using the tree came from Keri Smiths Guerilla Art Kit, the task within this book titled ‘The Wish Tree’ whereby people write down their wishes and place them on a tree, our tree will act in the same way only we will be using memories instead.
The idea of using memories came from our concept of making a performance involving the community and reconnect people of the community to each other as well as the place they inhabit, the memories will be of their time spent in Chichester which will cover places within the city as well as people who may be entwined with the memories therefore covering both the place and people of the community. This will take place within the heart of the city, the market cross again with the focus on community and bringing people together, from each end of Chichester. We are using a tree as we felt that the natural spaces within Chichester are very important and slightly forgotten about and looking at Guerrilla gardening’s philosophy of bring back nature to urban places we wanted to highlight that there are very lovely and forgotten parks and green spaces within Chichester.

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